subway stories

Posted in words on April 17th, 2009 by urbanguy


Asian dude sits at the end of the subway car, casually and deftly twirling a butter knife in one hand.

White woman next to him stares intently. Impressed.

Her curiosity overcomes her and she points and inquires about his skill. Receptive, mutual smiles and and a friendly (and likely awkwardly cultural) discussion ensues that lasts the rest of my trip.

Me? I’m sitting several seats away, bumping some LTD featuring Jeffrey Osborne.

Concentrate on You.

I crick my neck to hear this conversation. Too loud – the dissonant sounds of a rickety-crickety subway car and ineffectual commuter chatter drown out my desired aural destination.

I would have gladly paid a few bucks to eavesdrop on that convo

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subway stories

Posted in general, words on February 6th, 2009 by urbanguy

fast subway

It doesn’t matter how matter times I’ve taken the train…I still get a nervous feeling standing at the platform as the metal snake slithers into the station.

So I naturally take a step back. I look about to see if anyone’s set to shove me into the abyss.

They say at least one person lands on the tracks each week….I wonder how many incidents aren’t publicly reported. As it stands, I’m content to have my back up against the wall.

Trust and inches reside in the space between me and oblivion.

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