The Rise and Fall and Rise of Charlie Wilson

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Charlie Wilson is the R&B prototype.

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That voice!

His vocal stylings have influenced the modern day R&B sound without a doubt. USA Today has a great piece on Wilson and the struggles he endured over his career.

Even his newer stuff shows that he’s still got it.

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Penned by R. Kelly (can’t you tell), this song kills me. Not many dudes can sing a song that features their name in the chorus but Wilson pulls it off.

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And of course, his connection with Snoop has kept him relevant. The fact that this song isn’t half bad doesn’t hurt either.


Charlie Wilson – There Goes My Baby (Video)

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Charlie Wilson doesn’t get the props that he should for holding it down for so long and influencing today’s R&B.

His latest, Uncle Charlie, will probably stay under the radar but does have a couple of cool joints such as this one (written, incidentally, by Babyface and Calvin Richardson).

Props go to Snoop as well for continuing to show Charlie some love.

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