the urbanguy chronicles episode #1: “More or Les”

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Episode #1 “More or Les”

Neither a novelty act or your average rapper, Toronto’s More or Les (real name Les Seaforth) is a passionate hip hop aficionado whose quirky style and deadpan delivery challenge conventional thinking about hip hop.

film/edits: Ryan B. Patrick

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Rapping with Toronto’s More or Les

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Toronto-based rapper More or Les has a lot on his mind. Right now, he’s talkin’ bout brunch. And hate. But not necessarily in that order.

His third indie project, Brunch with a Vengeance represents an old school flow with new school sensibilities — all centred about relatable pet peeves like dirty restrooms, poor hygiene or lazy co-workers.

“For this album, I wanted to create a concept album that could resonate with anyone. And nothing resonates more than hate. Plus I love brunch,” says the affable MC.

Sway Magazine’s got my recent interview with More or Les.

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