subway stories


Asian dude sits at the end of the subway car, casually and deftly twirling a butter knife in one hand.

White woman next to him stares intently. Impressed.

Her curiosity overcomes her and she points and inquires about his skill. Receptive, mutual smiles and and a friendly (and likely awkwardly cultural) discussion ensues that lasts the rest of my trip.

Me? I’m sitting several seats away, bumping some LTD featuring Jeffrey Osborne.

Concentrate on You.

I crick my neck to hear this conversation. Too loud – the dissonant sounds of a rickety-crickety subway car and ineffectual commuter chatter drown out my desired aural destination.

I would have gladly paid a few bucks to eavesdrop on that convo

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  1. Sea says:

    I always enjoy eavesdropping on the youth of today. I always find myself wondering is that what I use to sound like? Whether it be the teen girl talking way to loud to try to attract the attention of the group of teen boys a few seats down, or the idle chatter of the school days events. Not sure I would have started talking to a person swinging a butter knife. Sure the conversation was interesting.

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