Web Exclusive: Tricky and “False Idols”

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Trip-hop pioneer Tricky would love it if you’re down with his new record False Idols ― but won’t lose any sleep if you’re not. With a career spanning ten albums and “20-odd years,” Tricky notes that he’s at a point where he can totally control his own creative destiny. Ditching old label Domino (“It got boring,” he says) and forging ahead to form a new imprint in the process of developing the False Idols LP, the native Bristolian (currently residing in Paris) says that if the new project sounds like it’s Massive Attack in nature, or that it’s borrowing elements from his earlier, more groove-oriented efforts (think Maxinquaye and Pre-Millennium Tension) perhaps it’s because this is arguably the truest representation of his musical legacy to date. Railing against the current mainstream musical climate that acclaims artifice over art, the 45-year-old returns after taking a few years off to craft a sultry, sonically orchestral project that stands on its own musicianship and merit ― demanding you pay attention.

Full interview at Exclaim!

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Interview: Homeboy Sandman

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Homeboy Sandman (Photo:Raul Buitrago)

Don’t call Homeboy Sandman slept on, call him super prolific — so fast, heads have trouble keeping up; the Queens, NY MC is delivering Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent hot on the heels of 2012′sFirst of a Living Breed. The “Fertile Crescent” that Sandman’s latest effort refers to is the lush crescent-shaped “cradle of civilization” geographic territory of Western Asia/northeast Africa. Working with producer El RTNC on the entire effort, Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent is both a “big-up” homage to the influential DJ and also a statement that he went back to the hip-hop roots to cultivate a respectful, diverse and intellectually minded effort. Fertile Crescent sees Sandman add another project to his growing library — one worth repeated spins.

My interview with the prolific Homeboy Sandman over at Exclaim!


Interview: Laura Mvula Sings To The Moon

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It seems entirely disingenuous to suggest that Laura Mvula is just happy to be part of the musical conversation in 2013. But here we are: the Birmingham, UK soul singer-songwriter notes that this time last year, she was an soft-spoken office receptionist and gospel choir director who simply composed and created music in her spare time, never dreaming that she would have a much talked about album and be touted as “the new Adele.” Her debut album,Sing To The Moon, is a gem, a soul/jazz/gospel endeavour that owes its existence to Mvula’s spiritualty and classical music upbringing and training. Riding the European momentum, Mvula lands on these shores poised to make a lasting impact.

Fantastic album. Read my interview with Laura Mvula over at Exclaim!

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Talib Kweli officially releases his “Prisoner of Conscious”

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All things considered, it isn’t entirely surprising that veteran rapper Talib Kweli is a man of few words over the phone. Or that the release date of his fifth studio album, Prisoner of Conscious, has been pushed back numerous times. The cool and reserved hip-hop luminary has been quietly creating music for nearly two decades, and figures he has nothing to prove at this stage in his career.

It’s about the music — it always has been.

“I’m a lyricist but I think that people overlook the music because they are so into the lyrics that they overlook the musical choices,” the Brooklyn native says. “But the music is every bit as responsible for my success.”

Got the album yet? Get on that. Full article over at CBC Music.ca.

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