Four Questions with…Muneshine

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When the prolific Saskatoon-born, Toronto-based rapper/producer known as Muneshine dropped There is Only Today earlier this year, heads listened…and liked what they heard. Maintaining a careful balance between Muneshine the Producer and Muneshine the Emcee wasn’t easy, but he pulls it off impressively on all 13-tracks. Known more for his work with Toronto emcee D-Sisive, Muneshine (real name Rob Bakker) calls upon names such as !llmind, Buckwild, and DJ Spinna to help deliver a soul-sample driven rap project. We caught up with the busy artist and hit him with the Four Questions...

Q: What can we expect from Muneshine between now and the end of the year?

A: There’s a lot going on! Now that my new solo album (There Is Only Today) has dropped I’ve got my producer hat on. I’m finishing up the Dorian Grey project with new-comer, ELMNT, the new Jonestown (3) with D-Sisive and I’m in the early stages of conceptualizing my next solo project which will be a production album featuring different artists. Besides these, there is the Wolves (myself, Ghettosocks, D-Sisive, Timbuktu & Bix) album coming out soon and a remix project from There Is Only Today with producers I didn’t get a chance to work with on the main release (such as The Herbaliser, Moka Only, Slakah the Beatchild, Croup and more).

Q: If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing right now?

A: I can’t imagine not working in music. If I couldn’t create it, I would still find a way to be surrounded by it in a professional sense. I’m at my best when I’m creating, so I hope I’ll have that option for some-time.

Q: Who is your target fan/demographic?

A: I’m trying to reach people like myself. People who came up on (or even recently got into) hip-hop when it was still driven by the art. People who like smart, relatable music. I also hope my music will get to people outside of hip hop’s reach.

Q: What separates you from current producer/emcees right now?

A: I don’t rely on one position (producer or emcee) to support the other. I work with different producers (as an emcee) so I can really focus on the writing and delivery, just like I work with other artists (as a producer) so I can put everything into that aspect of the music. I give both 110% and that enables me to maintain a consistent level of quality and productivity.

Muneshine – “Lower Level”

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Kardinal Offishall featuring Shi Wisdom – “Mr. Parker” (Video)

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The always reliable Kardinal drops some summer heat with the up and coming “one to watch” Shi Wisdom. Guest spots by Toronto peeps abound in this one. Enjoy.

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JD Era Speaks Out

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If JD ERA is getting weary of answering questions about Raekwon, it’s not evident today.

Rather, in speaking with him in the new ICE H20 Canada label offices in downtown Toronto, he reveals that signing an indie deal with the Wu-Tang legend last year is a new chapter that not only boosts the career trajectory for the MC but the Canadian hip-hop scene in general. His appropriately titled No Handouts mixtape, featuring 13 tracks of pure JD Era, demonstrably revealing that having the Raekwon backing allows the more than capable lyricist to shine in the larger spotlight.

With an official full-length project in the works, the Mississauga-based MC is in a great position to show that Toronto and Canada as a whole is currently setting a next wave of urban music that demands to be seen as a sustainable industry force. And after more than a decade working in the local rap game, JD Era is currently relishing the opportunity to leave his mark.

See the full interview with the  much talked about rapper over at Exclaim!


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Alien Tentacle Sex is situated in the unique mind-space where visual and aural arts worlds of Talwst (“tall waist”) collide. The seven-track EP by the Edmonton-raised, Toronto-based artist (nee Curtis Santiago) is a collaboration with Illangelo, known for producing the House of Balloons trilogy with reclusive wunderkind the Weeknd.

Shuttling between Toronto, Vancouver and NYC, Talwst draws musical inspiration from his gig as a multidisciplinary artist, with paintings featured in local galleries. His moniker refers to the high-waisted characteristic of the men in his family, a unique feature that quite literally sets him apart from the crowd. Astute music fans will recognize Santiago from his days with the live soul/dance rock Edmonton group the Hi-Phoniqs in the late ’90s.

As Talwst, he notes his current music represents his new sensibilities on art ― a “natural evolution” of sound and visuals in action. He brands Alien Tentacle Sex as contemporary R&B within his post-modern perspective.

This talented dude has got next. See the full interview piece at Exclaim!


The Slakadeliqs Live at Cafe Awtash (May 11)

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Regular readers of this blog know that we’re huge fans of one Byram Joseph, also known as Slakah the Beatchild. His alt rock-ish side project known as The Slakadeliqs performed last week at Cafe Awtash and it was a fine showing (low vocal mix notwithstanding).

Performing cuts of the album “The Other Side of Tomorrow,” Slakah and crew showed why the Toronto-based performance producer and multi-instrumentalist is one to watch. If you haven’t already (shame on you) check out the album.

The venue was intimate (perhaps too much so) but the vibes were unmistakable. Loving the small “sneak peeks” but would love to see what The Slakadeliqs can do in a big time venue.

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Deaf Ears Podcast Episode 21: Diddy

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Deaf Ears Podcast Episode 21: Diddy

The Deaf Ears Crew  talk about the “artist” formerly known as Sean Combs and how he’s more of a marketing exec than an actual musician.Listen and learn…

 - The (thankfully) lost art of the extended sample

- Berry Gordy vs Diddy: A-holes from different eras!

- Rating the rappers-as-actors; Mos Def, RZA et all

- Loon: Where are they now?

Check out The Deaf Ears Podcast! 


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Heavy D dies at 44

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Dwight Arrington Myers always stayed in his own lane. Nowadays, someone coming up with the carefree style and presence that he had would be called corny. That’s a damn shame.

No need to call it conscious or positive rap. It was rap, 1990′s style — where you could openly love all forms and expressions of hip-hop. It was New Jack swing meets reggae rap as the Jamaican-born, NYC-bred emcee defined and loved.

And hip-hop loved him for it. It’s fitting that his final post on Twitter was “Be Inspired” in ALL CAPS. RIP my brother.


It’s here: Vapors 2012

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Canadian hip-hop OGs Maestro Fresh Wes, Kish and Dan-e-o catch the Vapors new millenium -style with the help of DJ Mel Boogie. Revisiting the Biz Markie classic is a good look — that James Brown sample will never go stale.

Good to see that these emcees still got it — reminding us who they are and where they’ve been — in an age where Toronto is getting put on the hip-hop map (all over again) thanks to Drake and the OVO fam.


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The Slakadeliqs: Dream On

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Byram Joseph aka Slakah the Beatchild has been quietly doing his thing for a while now. Recently checked out a private listening party for The Slakadeliqs album “The Other Side of Tomorrow.” According to Slakah, The Slakadeliqs is a alter ego/project that’s been brewing for the last three years.

Had a chance to talk with the talented Toronto-based performance producer and multi-instrumentalist (expect a new urbanguy chronicles vid soon). Dude’s worked with people like Drake, Melanie Durrant and Glenn Lewis but this project is “nothing like anything I’ve ever done before,” he explains, with a more soul/classic rock type vibe.

Featuring special guest appearances by Justin Nozuka, Ebrahim, Tingsek, Ayah & Tanika Charles, the free-to-download project is slated for a January 2012 release. I’m particularly feeling this track:

The Slakadeliqs: Dream On



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Vapors 2012

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“Freshness, courtesy of Dan-e-o, Kish, Maestro & Yours Truly (that’s me!) coming your way soon!!!!”

So notes DJ Melboogie on her Facebook page in regards to the Vapors 2012. Sounds like a mega-project featuring from stalwart names in Canadian hip-hop is coming our way in one week. Bring it on…heads are waiting with the proverbial bated breath.

Stay tuned.



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