Community Season Two Finale

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Finally got around to watching it. Hilarious.

Cougar Town “Something Good Coming”

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Meh. Finale felt too long, too indulgent, too…safe.

Good TV: Community

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One of the better sitcoms in recent memory.

Why aren’t you watching again?

Melanie Fiona – Gone And Never Coming Back (Video)

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Great song, good visuals but don’t feel the video adequately captures the vibe. Elements are there but think a new, more frenetic edit would make this vid really pop. Yeah I noticed stuff like that and no it’s not a diss on the director/editor. Not really.

the urbanguy chronicles: an original web series (coming soon!)

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One journalist. One camera. Many fascinating people.¬† Join Ryan B. Patrick (aka The UrbanGuy) as he conducts one-on-one interviews with many of Canada’s hottest tastemakers — profiling the best in art, film, music, culture and more.

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A little something I’ve been working on. Fun stuff. Expect the first episode (featuring Toronto rapper/producer More or Les) in early February.

Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness

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I didn’t enjoy the Season Three premiere of Parks and Recreation, but I loved this:


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The Walking Dead

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Great show. It’s a slow burn but definitely worth it. Curious to see how far they deviate from the Robert Kirkman-penned comic.

Curious to see if they’ve burned through the budget yet and if later eps will maintain the “endless throngs of zombies” vibe.

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New Hawaii 5-0? Sure why not?

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Not sure how the new show is going to be (I only vaguely remember the original outside of the iconic theme of course).

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But damn if that theme song isn’t sweet.

I like Cougar Town

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….and I don’t care who knows it.

For those put off by the title, it’s moved beyond it’s “Courteney Cox is a 40-something female dating younger men” premise to settle nicely into a dysfunctional extended family ensemble type piece.

While I don’t think I’d actually write a Cougar Town spec, I definitely love the cadence and comedic timing of the dialogue. If you loved Scrubs, you’ll dig this. Trust me. I’ve never steered you wrong. (Okay, maybe that one time but I already apologized for that. Stop bringing up old stuff.)

Spoiler alert: While I don’t like how they pushed Grayson and Jules together so quickly — liked Grayson’s “grumpy lone wolf” persona from the early eps — I’m curious to see what season two holds in a few weeks…

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